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About Us

Noak Hill Solicitors is a leading Nigerian Law Firm which specializes in Visas and Immigration Law with dedicated and experienced legal practitioners based in Lagos, Nigeria. We equally provide international best practice standard of effective legal advice, advocacy and intervention in other areas of the law, with utmost priority being client satisfaction. We pride ourselves in providing an innovative, timely, cost-effective solution to our clients’ legal challenges.



Our office is designed with business practicability in mind, allowing for privacy of discussions and is conveniently located at the commercial and mainland district of Lagos State, Nigeria making it easily accessible to our clients.



Our clients include Money Deposit Banks and other Financial Institutions, entrepreneurs, private individuals, governmental and non- governmental organizations, corporate bodies and non-profit making organizations.



Every legal practitioner and personnel of the firm is experienced and conversant with every aspect of the range of legal and consultation services we provide.


Our mission is to offer professional legal service and advice to private individuals, communities, governmental and non-governmental bodies and corporate organizations in accordance with the finest ethics of the legal profession.


Our vision is to provide service delivery that is efficient, reliable, trusted and accepted universally. To facilitate people to explore, adventure, travel and be internationally exposed within the confines of the law.


• Integrity
• Passion
• Excellence
• Accountability
• Reliability
• Fairness


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