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Barrister mrs kelechi is an amazing lady. I came in contact with her over 8 years now. Her work is detailed and
her heart is put into every work she does.
she has handled both my family and friends travel visas and others.

Just recently she handled my visa and it was a sucess.
she's an amazing lady and always stays positive.

Princess Nk




I met my Kelechi Aka(mrs) a few years back at her former office at Zenon house, Victoria Island. I had gone to pick up my cousin's documents for her, with a beautiful broad smile, she offered me her complimentary card, which I collected and dumped somewhere,never gave a second thought to it until about 3 years after when I decided to visit the UK, then I remembered that lawyer that gave me her card.

I called her up, answered as usual, in her courteous, bubbly nature, we fixed an appointment, we met, discussed, she filled my form as truthfully as possible, (she made me understand that dealing with Oyinbo is all about being truthful) told me what documents I needed, and they must be genuine, so as not to spoil my chances over time, I sent my documents in,and voila!!!! I went back after 2weeks to pick up and I was issued a visa, since then, anything visa is her company.

Not only for me,but my family at large, her company also helped my sister secure her work permit as a doctor in the UK from the British embassy home office here.

I recommend her anyday, anytime.

She has my full support always.

Mrs. Titilayo Jubril


I met Kelechi through my travel agent about 5 years ago. I had applied for my UK visa and had been refused 3 times , I was almost giving up as I was been refused based on my very first application even after I had tidied up all the lose ends.

I was about to apply for another visa when my travel agent advised me to use an immigration lawyer because in her words "if this people deny you again, be rest assured no other country would grant you a visa. As they have spoilt your passport" then she sent me over to Kelechi.

When I met her she confidently told me not to worry as she was going to fix this. I was just going with the flow, because I honestly thought I was never going to be able to visit the UK.

Then we started the process, she got all the necessary documents together, notarized them and we sent them in and suddenly! I got a call from the Embassy, they apologized and asked when was the most convenient time for me to come with my passport.

I even told them that my passport was with another embassy and was asked to take my time.

And Just like that, my UK dreams finally came true!!!!

I truly would recommend her services, she is thorough and knows what she is doing.

Joyce Omoerah

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